nobody, my dear voice·

I used to sleep with two pillows, and a little light on.

And I used to hit the radio when it didn’t work

I had rain- boots, and a rain coat too

That I wore two times in my life

when my mother wanted to take me pictures outside.

And I used to have a good friend,

that talked to me every night

I also had a small bathroom

And a mirror with broken sides.

You know, I Know

If I ever tried to get back

And write some letters,

Or buy the newspaper,

There’d be nobody,

Recognizing my voice.

But I never got blue

I could enjoy small pleasures,

Sometimes I even had money for coffee.

And I remember an old, red scarf

That once I put on my cat,

He jumped and got hanged

I buried him on my backyard.

It was hard, but I could move on

I can see the scarf in my closet from here

Oh, my poor cat,

Rest in peace now that you can.

I have some magazines on the floor

Sometimes I like to see the pictures

Though they are dusty, they remind me

Of that miserable part of my childhood,

When I lived in a big house with my dad.

It reminds me of how lucky Im now,

That I have a thread of water

In a hole in the roof

And even some rats

drop around to see how Im doing.

I count with a strong power to read

People’s mind

And I can frequently

put my feet off the ground

I got a strong tendence

To talk to the sky

Because you know, I know

That maybe somebody

Might be listening if I sing

Or if I weep,

Because If I ever tried to get back,

I know you know,

Nobody would recognize my voice

But I don’t mind;

Over all,

I got a piece

of my own ground

To sit on

whenever I want



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