pequeño delirio cotidiano·

The great difference between the strangers and us is,
that we were born first.
Yes, that's all you need to know. I dont care If you do understand or if you don't.
But what is a fact is, we don't need no strangers in our, or your lives. We are just perfect the way we are. We don't need no more people living in our house or taking our food, dressing in our clothes and having either small or extense conversation about anything , including population medications relationships or else. I should be thinking about an alert of danger in our electricity company right now, you know. Yes Sir, our wires may be starting to break down and the family comunication's falling. Let me put it this way: The problem's not that you leave us little dirty boys; what we really care about is, what's gonna happen with us after our lovely children decide to look behind and pretend they see nothing but a nice sunny day, when we still shone? I mean, if we keep ignoring it we are gonna die some of these days, don't you see it? does anybody notice we don't like this at all? The pigs are eating our flesh and playing invisible voodoo with our brains. Well, yeah, maybe they are just weak ants in search of external love, but we won't give it to them, and there's something 'turning saints into the sea' that wouldn't let us share anything, not even a microscopical particle of oxygen. It may be sad, but that's the whole truth, my dear friends. We will never let you live as you did before you got into us and made us learn what all these things are about, and what really means to love and cry, to insult everything going wrong around us (just like the extra strangers) and then go on. Life must be easy, when everything's okey, but what happens when everything you have is starting to fall apart? We are all planets; Yes Sir. We will never be more than living pieces of flesh, discover or think more than we do now, find new answers to things we will never know, or stop trying to find what we'll never find. Thinking it twice, yes, it's kinda really really sad. Im not kidding when I say that everybody needs somebody to hit to, to cry to, to love, to shout to. It's totally normal to pretend that you can eat with someone else's forks, but listen girls, you are just ants to us. Just Ants. And now you listen, boys. We won't be there forever. Have it in mind, okay?
Well you know what? Im a warrior but I'm also a human being and I need to sleep. It's been a long frustrating day, and yeah it's your fault don't doubt about it, I must go to bed,
so.. Let me have a last phrase:
I hate everybody.
(even while I sleep)


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