eflections in blue

between water threads,
the smoke is burning your throat.
A few moments of being no-one;
corner to corner the pieces of heaven
are closed.
Reflections in blue,
'till someone's got the fever again.
All those things you cannot see
beggin to show,
and slide away.
Water threads, beneath your fingers
The smoke comes out.
Consciousness lasts a blink
pain does not exist.
Search for more, before clocks melt
Sustain and float
Open the doors.
It falls, it stands
drawing imitations in the sky.
Build it and destroy it,
create and enjoy.
Get it all together, let it purse your brain
keep it warm keep it floading.

(Vibrations are over)

Wake up

few moments of being no-one,

'till someone's got the fever again.



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